2015 #SAGAwards Hits & Misses

The SAG Awards #RedCarpet didn’t fail or impress me.

Shut Up 2015 SAG Awards

I was however mildly astonished to see my “better dressed” list had more names on it than my worst… huh?  Why did I call it my “better dressed” list and not best or hits you ask? Well, best dressed/hits is a huge compliment, better dressed is a job well done!  Totally not a backhanded compliment or was it?

Shut Up Thanks I Think

Enough about that, lets get right to it.  My picks for better dressed are…

Shut Up SAG Awards 2015 Hits

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting stunning in Romona Keveza… I kinda wish she would have fixed the expression on her face though.  Looks like she either got into a fight with her hubby and left him standing in the driveway or her little piggies hurt because her shoes were too tight!  As for Julianna Margulies in cobalt Giambattista Valli Couture… this is a drastic improvement from the red number she wore to the #GoldenGlobes.  And lets talk about the high slit and volume… the volume tricks the eye to think she’s curvier than she is.  As for my girl Reese Witherspoon in custom Armani, she is a flawless vision in this one shoulder ivory dress.  Witherspoon can do very little wrong in my eyes!  Surprisingly Julie Bowen in Georges Hobeika made it on my list.  The jeweled dress was appropriate and her hair added the right bit of sass and edge… an interesting juxtaposition.  Hard to believe Ariel Winter in Zac Posen is 17 years old… two words… #KnockOut! And last but certainly not least Sarah Paulson in Armani Prive… this B&W number is chic, elegant, modern, sophisticated and… and… I can just go on and on.  Loved her in #FX #AmericanHorrorFreakShow #LOVED  The two-headed thing freaked me out at first but it kinda grew on me.  Get it… #GrewOnMe

Shut Up LOL

And now for my misses!

Shut Up SAG Awards 2015 Misses

I’m just as shocked as you are… only two #FashionVictims on my list?  WHAT?  Amanda Peet got it completely wrong in J. Mendel.  From the wrong color choice, to the lack of support for the boobies and what was with all the heavy pleats in that fabric?  Oh Amanda, I expect so much more from the wife of the man that created #GameOfThrones.  And yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you… the legendary Joan Collins wearing I don’t know what is on my very short list of worst dressed.  Love her tons but hate what she’s wearing for so many reasons I don’t care to go into.  I will say I would have liked the dress if someone took a pair of scissors to the sleeves though.  I know women of a certain age prefer to cover their arms but this is taking that preference to another level.  The volume on the sleeves is distracting and competes with her hair, which competes with the texture on the dress, which competes with the gloves… oh damn, I said I wasn’t going to do that!

Shut Up UGH

Keira Knightly kinda redeemed herself in this purple number by Erdem… then again, anything is better then that Chanel disaster she wore to the #GoldenGlobes

Keira Knightley in Erdem

Until I saw the tight shot…

Keira Knightley in Erdem2

The random studded earring cuff thingy looked as though her stylist got glue gun happy with the bedazzler.  And what was with the strange strings around her shoulders?  Ugh!  I kinda

Shut Up Flatlined

But then I was brought back when I saw Julianne Moore in that emerald Givenchy Dress.  She looked fabulous but something about the dress wasn’t adding up for me.  Yep, I was #SMH

Julianne Moore in Givenchy Dress

And then it struck me… the heavy beading around her bust was too much for her petite figure and the straps were slightly off shape.

Julianne Moore in Givenchy

You see… her shoulders look narrow/weak and her arms look pale/petite.  I would have preferred a strapless version of this dress on her.  She’s lucky I wasn’t on that #RedCarpet with my trusty

Shut Up Scissors

LOL!!!  So there you Shut Up And have it my #FashionVictims, my #SAGAwards #RedCarpet dish. Trust and believe, my list was much longer but I chopped  a lot because the other hits/misses weren’t interesting enough to mention or read.  WHAT!!!



Judge My Character, NOT The Labels I Wear

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday I reflect on what’s important for me and how that affects YOU! Tops on my list are the importance of individuality, support, acceptance, guidance and above all…

Shut Up Love

As I look back at history and reflect on the struggles of those that fought for the freedoms we have today, I say

Shut Up Thank You

Thank you for fighting the fight that gives us the courage and motivation to continue their legacy.


In my eyes the fight for equality is far from over and should be viewed as a baton that was passed from them to us. 

Shut Up Pass The Baton

Our job is to keep passing that baton so our brothers and sisters know what something so important and powerful feels like in the palm of their hands.  I know what it feels like to hold that baton and pass it… it’s the most beautiful feeling!

No doubt I am blessed to have a job and career I love. Contrary to what most think, the money isn’t what motivates me… its what I get in return that does. Blessed, enlightened, entertained and appreciated are just a few words that describe what I feel and is what inspires me to keep doing what I do.

Shut Up Inspire

The freedom to be me, speak my mind and share my opinion is something I don’t take for granted.

Celebrities and public figures are praised and criticized everyday for what they say, do and wear. It’s our right to have an opinion, but it’s important we share our views and thoughts it in a respectful way. Good or indifferent, our opinions make things relevant.

Shut up YOM

We have come a long way but that doesn’t mean we don’t have further to go. If there is one thing you can do to help bring about change in a positive way, then please do it!  Speak your mind, show your support or bless the next. It’s what those that are fighting for our rights are doing and we should do the same as a Thank You to them.


Now Shut Up And be the best #fashionista you can by #BlessingTheNext


#GoldenGlobes: Worst & Best Dressed

Disappointed, underwhelmed, bored and easily distracted are just a few words to describe how I felt about the #GoldenGlobes #RedCarpet.  Yes my #FashionVictims, I felt like I was watching a random episode of

Shut Up Celebrities Dressed Badly

Truth, the #GoldenGlobes is the first official award show of the season, which is probably why very few dressed their best.  But come on people, even #Felicia had better choices!

Shhut up bye felicia whos felicia exactly girl bye

Any who, back to the Golden Yawns… I mean Globes.  You asked for it so I’m jumping right into my winners for #WorstDressed:

Shut UpGolden Globes Worst Dressed1

Keira Knightley does NOT get a pass for her bun in the oven with this ungawdly Chanel dress.  Bug print Keira?  Really? As for Melissa McCarthy, I’m repeating the five words of advice I tweeted her last night… “Fire your stylist George Kotsiopoulos, no wonder he was fired from E! FashionPolice.

Moving on to Kerry Washington… this is what she really looks like when she’s not in character.  I so wished she channeled her inner Olivia Pope because this Mary Katrantzou gown is wrong in every way!  And yes, Amal Clooney is on my list for the white Dior elbow length gloves and her awkward #RedCarpet presence.  What does George see in her besides her accent?  Can somebody please tell me? 

Shut UpGolden Globes Worst Dressed2

Claire Danes looked like she lost a bet and was forced to wear the ugliest dress Valentino had hanging in the back of his scraps closet.  Lena Dunham, three words for you and Zac Posen… #BurnThatDress!

Shut UpGolden Globes Worst Dressed3

Jennifer Lopez and I rarely see eye-to-eye, except when she steps on the #RedCarpet but this Zuhair Murad concoction looks like a cross between a Vegas super hero and something Leah Remini said “Absolutely NOT” to wearing on Dancing With The Stars #WTF!!!  And last but certainly not least, Lana Del Rey looking pissed off in this vintage TravillaSomething tells me she lost the same bet Claire Danes did!  

Shut UpGolden Globes Worst Dressed4

As for my choice for best dressed… unfortunately there was only one.  And even I was amazed at my choice.  Wait for it… wait for her… Gwyneth Paltrow in Michael Kors bubblegum pink dress!  Yassssssssss!

Shut Up Gweneth Paltro Best Dressed Golden Globes

I’ve not been a fan of Gwyneth until NOW!  Miss Thang did everything right… she steered clear from the press and cameras until it was time for her to show Chris Martin what he’s missing!  Ooops I meant… until it was time to show Jennifer Lawrence and Martha Stewart what #Fierce looks like.  Oooo ooo oooops!  I meant until it was time to take the stage and present Best Actor in a Motion Picture… and that she did!  This my #FashionVictims is what I call #WowFactor.  Sure there were others dressed nicely but only one made me rise to my feet.  Cheers to you Gwyneth, cheers to YOU!

Shut Up Cheers To Gweneth Paltrow Best Dressed Golden Globes 2015

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#DoubleDutyDresses for Under $100! #YoureWelcome

Inspired by my love for playing dress up with the fabulous @SarahNBernard of the @BetterTVShow, these #DoubleDuty dresses are a perfect fit for any petite fashionista looking to make a statement without looking like a #FashionVictim.

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