Hell on Heels: Prada Goes Pyro!

It’s rare this fashionisto is stopped dead in my tracks, especially when it comes to fashion.  But when the messenger dropped off my sample request from Prada for an upcoming shoot my jaw hit the floor!

Yes my fashion victims, I was speechless!  One by one I pulled out the most shocking assortment of shoes my beautiful almond shaped eyes have ever seen.  And the kicker was, they were flaming!

Prada Rose-Toe Flame Sandal $1,300

I’m talking one wrong move and someone is getting burned!  All I kept thinking was, who in the hell would wear something like this?  And that’s when I tried to shove my size 10.5 foot into the size 9 sample.  LOL!!!

Prada Jewel-Toe Flame Sandal $1,450

While these devilish Prada heels are random, they are definitely eye catching!  Appropriate for costume, stage, Red Carpet appearances or worn on Dancing With The Stars, these controversial slip-ons are definitely something to talk about.

Prada Flame Wedge Sandal $1,100

And To think, Oprah could have saved herself the burns on her feet and walked in these instead of fire.  #OUCH

Now if you think flaming heels are a bit too much for the office, Prada has a patent leather pyro pump that comes complete with tailpipes.

Prada Patent Tailpipe Pump $820

Rev your engines ladies because this milkshake will definitely bring all the boys to your yard!  LOL!!! And if this still isn’t enough to cool your fetish for fire, Prada also has flame clutches to complete your sizzling look. 

Prada Flame Clutch $580, Prada Flame Flap Clutch $1,495

But wearers beware these accessories are blazing hhhhhhhhhot and a fire extinguisher is NOT included!

Now SHUT UP AND WEAR something hot!

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