Jimmy Kimmel Exposes #NYFW Wannabes, A Total LOL!!!

Truth, #NYFW is no longer about fashion… it’s about paid celebrity sightings for increased exposure, fashion bloggers (most of which have never styled anyone but themselves), and thanks to Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News, a good laugh!


Yep, Kimmel has done it again… watch as he exposes the many wannabees that linger about Lincoln Center with the hopes of scoring access to a runway show that needs seat fillers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m glad #FashionVictims are experiencing the full throttle of #NYFW.  I just wish they stayed home and watched the live stream from their iPhones!  Oooo did I just say that?

Shut Up Yes I Did

I soooo wish New York Fashion Week went back to its roots… i.e., Bryant Park… when access was limited to real fashionistas with real resume’s.  Ahhhh the good ole days!

Shut Up NYFW Tents Bryant Park

Anyway… thanks for the LOL Jimmy.  You have outdone yourself yet again!


Now Shut Up And watch this!




I Caught Anna Wintour Wearing The One Thing She Hates!

To some, the woman behind the dark Chanel shades and signature page boy haircut is a bit of a mystery… often called, nuclear Wintour for her aloof and demanding personality.

Anna Wintour 73 Questions

Heck, wouldn’t you be if you were responsible for one of the most coveted magazines in the WORLD?  Lawd geez, the thought alone makes me cringe.

Any who, I was entertained by her “73 Questions” interview recently posted on Vogue.com until she stopped me dead in my Fab-Fee tracks with a LIE!  Yes, #FabFashionistas, I caught the Editor-In-Chief of American Vogue in a

Shut Up Lie

Are you ready?  Wait for it… wait for it… when model Karlie Kloss asked question #26, “What would you never ever wear?” Ms. Wintour replied… “Head-to-toe black”… Hmmmm!  Lookie what I found in my FASHION PHOTO ARCHIVES…

Vogues Anna Wintour with Tina Brown who was editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair at the time The two fashionable editrixes are shown attending a party on November 15 1989 wearing all blackVogues Anna Wintour with Tina Brown, former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair, attending a party on November 15, 1989 wearing all BLACK. 

Yes, #FashionVictims here’s a young Ms. Wintour photographed in the very look she said she’d never ever wear.  I’ll let her slide for this one.  LOL!!!

Around Bryant Park - Day 4 - Fall 2010 MBFWAnna Wintour attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park on February 14, 2010

Oh lookie lookey here… another more recent pic of Wintour wearing head-to-toe BLACK AGAIN.  #StrikeTwo LOL!!

Anywho, I would like to congratulate the person that convinced Anna to do this interview.  Was most of this interview scripted?  YES!  Could the impromptu questions from her staff have been better choreographed?  YES!  Does this give us insight into who she is as a person?  KINDA SORTA!

Will this video trend and increase traffic to Vogue.com?  HELL YES!  After all, she is a brilliant business woman!


Now Shut Up And Watch this!



Fall 2014 Hottest Trends: #GreyIsTheNewFab

As seen on the fashion runways at Celine, Lanvin, Prada, Alexander Wang and Akris, sweaters and fur outerwear are two of Fall 2014’s hottest trends.  So what happens when you wear the two together?  Well, you’ll look fabulous of course!

Shut Up Fall 2014 Hot Trends

Yes my #FashionVictims plush fur and everything from chunky knits to turtleneck dresses will be your go-to’s when the temps begin to cool.  But don’t fret if fur isn’t your thang… faux is an even better choice!

Shut Up Faux Fur
But wait… did you get a good look at these Alexis Bittar statement necklaces? #Bam

Shut Up Alexis Bittar Keaton Row

And who doesn’t love a #YSL leather shopper? #DoubleBam

Shut Up YSL Keaton Row
Sleek, chic and absolutely fabulous these head turning high/low’s can be worn with just about anything.  The benefits of a #MixNMatch wardrobe.

And in case you were wondering how you can shop any of these looks, compliments of my friends at Keaton Row… well, click HERE and complete your online profile for a chance to be styled by me… for FREE!


Now Shut Up And sign up!


Breaking News: I’m Your Stylist for FREE!

Yes, #FashionVictims your dreams of being dressed by moi, your favorite celebrity fashion stylist, for #FREE have finally come true!

Shut Up Fahion Fairy Prince

It has been my life’s mission to share my knowledge with those that can’t quite afford me so you can take my #ShutUpAndWearIt tips and…

Shut Up DIYSo when the opportunity to work with you directly for FREE came knocking at my fabulous closet door, I said YES with no hesitation.  Yes my darlings, I’ve partnered with Keaton Row, the online personal styling website that Forbes said is “revolutionizing the way people shop online.”

Shut up Keaton Row Logo

Yes, I know you’re…

Shut Up Shocked #FashionVictim

and overjoyed with excitement… I am to!  Now calm down and take a few deep breaths… calm yet?  Okay, now all you have to do is complete an online profile, click around and check me out…

Shut Up FabFees Keaton Row Profile

shop any one of my many fabulous lookbooks

Shut Up FabFee Keaton Row Lookbooks

or submit a request of your own at any time and you’ll receive a personalized lookbook created by moi in just a few days.

Shut Up FabFee Lookbook2

Yes ma’am… whether you want to update your style for work, an upcoming event or night out with the girls I will personally get you dressed with wardrobe and accessory suggestions from thousands of top brands from retail partners like Nordstrom, Shopbop, ASOS, Les Nouvelles and many more.  And the best part is… if you see something you absolove you can buy it with free shipping and returns.

Shut Up Goes Both Ways

Yes, you heard me right… unlike me, Keaton Row goes both ways!

Trust and believe I’m not doing this for the money… matter of fact I’m practically doing this for free.  So what’s in it for me you ask?  Well, I believe…

Shut Up Good Things

Knowing I took you out of your comfort zone with a new look that will put a smile on your face and make your tired Ex gag at the same time is the icing on my cake! #JustKeepinItRealz

So join the many #FashionVictims turned #Fashionistas… here’s your direct link (http://keatonrow.com/user/client-signup?ref=53c5203a04e65ff5064c7603) for a chance to finally work with me for

Shut Up Free

Now Shut Up And complete your online profile!



How To Wear White Right

It’s quite obvious you #FashionVictims are just as excited about finally being able to wear white jeans as Khloe Kardiashian is.

Shut Up Khloe K White Jeans

But it seems most of you didn’t get the memo about not breaking the  Shut Up Breaking Fashion RulesI’m not talking about wearing white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. I’m talking about the nerve some of you have wearing filthy white jeans.

Shut Up KR3W Jeans – White DestroyedKR3W Jeans – White Destroyed $219

Listen here, if your white don’t look right then you have no business wearing them!  White jeans are suppose to look clean, stylish and did I mention

Shut Up Clean White Jeans

Yes, fashionistas… if you are going to wear last years white anything then you should dry-clean or wash it before putting it on.  Besides the fact that it’s been hanging in your closet collecting dust and is in need of being refreshed, whites can yellow depending how you care for them and the temperature/conditions in our closet.  My fabulous closets (yes, that’s closetS with an “S”) are kept at a cool 72 degrees so the fabrics breath and the air circulates.

Shut Up Nest

I also Scotchgard all my white jeans before I even think about wearing them… this protects them from stains and clumsy fashionistas.

Shut Up Scotchgard Fabric Cleaner

And I pretty much wash them after each wear, or two MAX!  Lastly, I only use bleach if they are 100 percent cotton and steer clear of fabric softener; otherwise they will turn yellow.

Shut Up Yellow Clothes

That said, Shut Up And do yourself a favor and take my advice. Otherwise I will find you and post your pic so the world can take note of your faux pas!

Now Shut Up And Wear your whites right!


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