SHUT UP AND WEAR IT is an eclectic mix of LIFE and STYLE. And endeavors to give you the confidence to not only try my advice but also gives you the inside scoop on how to wear it, how to do it, and how to live it!   My goal is to make SHUTUPANDWEARIT.com fun and interesting, so YOU not only keep coming back for more, but you can confidently say to yourself… wow I can do that!

Fabulous Felix Mercado Reviewing Red Carpet Best and Worst Dressed


Well if you have to ask that question then you’ll get your answer by checking out my reel at:  http://www.nsbvideos.com/site/preview?pid=377854.  As you can see, I’ve made over hundreds of celebrities, real people and even entire families, so I know what I’m talking about.  Think of me as your “Style Surgeon”, ooo I like the sound of that, Dr. Mercado, paging Dr. Mercado.  Mother would be so proud!  I digress… OK, I’m back!  I’ve heard every excuse in the book and have even stared doubt in the eye, but the secret to my success is dah dah dah dah… Besides being stylish and fabulous, I have been blessed with the ability to size a fashion victim up in less time than it took you to figure out what you’re wearing today.  I know, I know, I’m AMAZING!  I accomplish this in a number of different ways, pictures, a phone conversation, or at an in-person interview.  But very different from other style experts my makeovers are not about me, they’re about YOU!  Just think what we can accomplish in five minutes or less.  New look, New YOU.


Hanger appeal is the biggest mistake in judgment people make when shopping for something to wear.  If it caught your eye and you found your size, but are still unsure, don’t put it back on the rack, TRY IT ON!  The second biggest mistake is made when we flip through a magazine and think if Halle, Reese or Giselle are wearing it, then you can to!  It’s great to take cues from those we admire, but the truth is, just because it looks great on them, doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on you.  Celebrities have a team to put them together, but unfortunately you don’t.  This is where I come in.


Jam-packed with how-to’s, celebrity fashion 411, shopping tips, and the latest trends, SHUTUPANDWEARIT.com is your go-to source for everything stylish, high and low.  So, for all you frustrated fashionistas who are afraid to take a risk, what’s the worst that can happen?  You try it… YOU LOVE IT!

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