How To Wear White Right

It’s quite obvious you #FashionVictims are just as excited about finally being able to wear white jeans as Khloe Kardiashian is.

Shut Up Khloe K White Jeans

But it seems most of you didn’t get the memo about not breaking the  Shut Up Breaking Fashion RulesI’m not talking about wearing white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. I’m talking about the nerve some of you have wearing filthy white jeans.

Shut Up KR3W Jeans – White DestroyedKR3W Jeans – White Destroyed $219

Listen here, if your white don’t look right then you have no business wearing them!  White jeans are suppose to look clean, stylish and did I mention

Shut Up Clean White Jeans

Yes, fashionistas… if you are going to wear last years white anything then you should dry-clean or wash it before putting it on.  Besides the fact that it’s been hanging in your closet collecting dust and is in need of being refreshed, whites can yellow depending how you care for them and the temperature/conditions in our closet.  My fabulous closets (yes, that’s closetS with an “S”) are kept at a cool 72 degrees so the fabrics breath and the air circulates.

Shut Up Nest

I also Scotchgard all my white jeans before I even think about wearing them… this protects them from stains and clumsy fashionistas.

Shut Up Scotchgard Fabric Cleaner

And I pretty much wash them after each wear, or two MAX!  Lastly, I only use bleach if they are 100 percent cotton and steer clear of fabric softener; otherwise they will turn yellow.

Shut Up Yellow Clothes

That said, Shut Up And do yourself a favor and take my advice. Otherwise I will find you and post your pic so the world can take note of your faux pas!

Now Shut Up And Wear your whites right!


Gisele and RiRi Nude For Lui TMI? NOT!!!

Lui Magazine, known for its racy covers and features does it again… this time with Gisele Bundchen.

Shut Up Gisele Lui Mag

But who cares about the 33-year-old supermodel floating in a pool while straddling a red blow up toy in her birthday suit?  Not me!  The only thing I wanna talk about is the previous issue with RiRi spread eagle in all her fashionista glory.   

Shut Up Rihanna Lui Mag

Whether you like her or not, SHE-Ri does two things extremely well…

1. SHE doesn’t care what you think!

Shut Up Rihanna Lui Mag1Catch the tan lines, pumps-n-shades!

And  2. SHE knows how to keep men, fans and the media wanting more.

Shut Up Rihanna Lui Mag3

No one can touch her sexy, not Minaj, not Beyonce’, not Perry.  Yep, and as you can see, miss thang left very little to the imagination in her fashion spread.

Shut Up Rihanna Lui Mag2

Some call her photos shot by famed photographer Mario Sorrenti… wait for it, wait for it… porn… but I call them high fashion with two snaps and a twist.

Shut Up Rihanna Lui Mag4

Yes, #FashionVictims if you SHUT UP AND get past judging/your naughty thoughts you will see fashion, beauty, body, accessories and tan lines for your LIFE!


Okay, I know what you’re thinking… I don’t see naked because I’m gay. Ummm you’re wrong! I can appreciate the beauty of a woman’s body the same as anyone else.  What makes me so special is I choose to see art first and cover it up with fabulous fashion & accessories of course! Hello this is why I carry the title Celebrity Fashion Stylist/Style Expert!

Shut Up Bloop

Art, fashion and beauty are in the eye of this beholder! In this instance, I suggest you SHUT UP AND see fashion first and thank Rihanna for her fierceness second!

Shut Up Rihanna Lui Mag5

Now SHUT UP AND keep SHE-Ri & Lui Magazine on your radar!



Vogue’s 2014 Met Gala #RedCarpet Disaster!

Yep, your favorite fashionista is back to blogging after quite a few weeks of non-stop TV and fashion shoots with my celebrity, corporate and private clients.  One can usually tell when I’m up to my beautiful almond shaped eyes in work by how often/not I post.

Shut Up Busy Fashionista

Well today’s post was birthed from complete utter shock!  Anyone that knows me knows I am no fan of #Kimye!  Matter of fact, the two are far from a speckle of dust on my Shut Up And Wear It #FierceFashionista radar.

Shut Up and Wear It Radar

But today the two have miraculously appeared in my #NoFlyZone not for what they wore to the 2014 Met Gala

Shut Up Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Met Gala 2014Kim Kardashian in Lanvin and Kanye West in… #WhoCares?

but for how graciously they handled Andre’ Leon Tally’s nose picking faux pas during their interview on the Red Carpet.

Shut Up Andre Leon Tally Bugger Hand Met Gala 2014

Yes, here is the play-by-play… the larger than life former American editor-at-large for #Vogue dug his finger inside his right nostril during an on-camera interview with Kim, proceeded to cat call Kanye over for a brief convo, reached over and hugged Kim, then extended that same hand to Kanye leaving his gooey green DNA all over the both of them.  #WHAT

Shut Up Kanye Gagging at Shaking Andre Leon Tally Bugger Hand Met Gala 2014

I know Kanye was GAGGING just from the look on his face!

Shut Up Kanye Gagging at Shaking Andre Leon Tally Bugger Hand2 Met Gala 2014Kanye took this one for the team because he needs Andre’ if he wants a successful career in Fashion!  #OyVey

I’m a huge fan of Andre’ Leon Tally but this random act of grossness was a complete turn-off as were most of the dresses worn by many of the A-Listers at the Red Carpet event. Rather than horrify you with pics, one lucky celebrity won my Shut Up And Wear it #WorstDressedAward… wait for it… wait for it… #SJP in this tragic B&W Oscar De La Renta gown.

Shut Up #SJP Oscar De La Renta Met Gala 2014#ATotalWTF from head to hem!

I did however love love love love love Beyonce’ in Givenchy, Kristen Wiig fabulous in Balenciaga and Reese Witherspoon pretty in pink wearing Stella McCartney.

Shut Up Best Dressed Met Gala 2014

Note to Andre Leon Tally… Shut Up And mind your freakin’ nose pickin’ manners! #Ew

Spring Trend: Hues of Blue

Hues of blue has got to be one of my favorite trends for SS14.

Shut Up Alexander Wang SS14Alexander Wang SS14

From suits to casuals and everything in between this masculine shade is the “It” color of the moment.

Shut Up Blue Hue SS14From left to right: Valentino SS14, Chanel SS14, Acne SS14

Fact, dressing in monochromatic colors can create the illusion of looking slim and trim, but matchy-matchy does not apply here.  Think of it as wearing separates in varied shades of azul.

Shut Up Blue Hue SS141. Thakoon Laser Cut Chambray Top, 2. Fendi Trois-Jour Grande Leather Tote Bag, 3.  Prada Lace-Up Gabardine Glove Wedge Bluette, 4. Opening Ceremony, 5. Nest Lapis & Chrysacolla Necklace, 6. Gucci Denim New 70s Pants, 7. Akris

While just about anyone of any skin tone can go indigo, dressing your body type will help you wear this trend right.  If you’re pear shape, consider the darkest blue on the bottom and if you’re thin up top consider a blue-on-blue top with bold tones or clashing patterns to create the illusion of a wider frame.

Shut Up Emanuel UngaroSS14Emanuel Ungaro SS14

Truth be told, this color trend was mostly seen on the runways at the SS14 menswear shows

Shut Up Mens Trend Blue Hue SS14From left to right, Balmain SS14, Calvin Klein Collection SS14, Dior Homme SS14

But everyone that knows me knows I’m all about bending the rules… heck I break them and recreate them!

Now Shut Up And Wear the blue hue!

My #Selfie Is Better Than Yours

Who knew chainsmoking could be so much fun!  Well, not in the literal sense #FashionVictims… I’m talking about the song #Selfie by the #ChainSmokers.  This catchy tune gets your #FaveFashionista toe tapping every time I hear it.

While I’m not #Selfie obsessed like most, I do enjoy #liking the solo pics friends and #FellowFashionistas post on #InstaGlam.  Awww heck, who am I kidding? #LetMePostAnotherSelfie LOL!!!

Shut Up Felix Selfies


Now Shut Up And take another #Selfie






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