Felix Is The New Black… Anna Wintour

I woke up this morning thinking, what to wear for my Birthday?  Yep, today is my fashionista Birthday!  Awwwright!

Shut Up Fab Felix Birthday

My closet is filled from floor to ceiling with designer clothing and accessories most #FashionVictims can only dream of, yet I haven’t the slightest idea

Shut Up What To Wear

So after a few sips of my fave Perrier Jouet Fleur de Champagne Brut Rose 2002, I got to thinking…

Shut Up Birthday SuitI had to… after all, sharing is caring.  #Winkwink!

In case you were wondering, YES I am standing undressed in the middle of my closet tipsy and confused as heck!  LOL!!!  But wait, it gets better… wait for it, wait for it… just as I’m about to pour another glass of champs my doorbell rings with two rather large packages from friends at Rick Owens and AllSaintsMuch to my surprise…

Shut Up Birthday Ensemble Rick Owens: Vicious Sleeveless Savage Tank Top $381,  Off-the-runway Savage Detroit Cut Trousers $593, Laceless Boots in Black Netting $843.  AllSaints: Vulture Long Sleeved Crew T-Shirt $62, Shift Leather Bomber Jacket $355

OMG!!!! Yay!  The perks of being a celebrity fashion stylist!  Thank you sooooooo o o oooo o o oooo much for the gifts and Happy Birthday wishes… but don’t think for one second you #FashionVictims get a pass to dress like a mess because it’s my Birthday.  I’m still watching you!

Now Shut Up And sing me a Happy Birthday!

Best Skinny Jeans For The Not-So Skinny

Red Alert, just because they’re labeled skinny doesn’t mean you are!

Shut Up Skinny Tag

Okay, let me soften the blow a bit… one of the most common requests I receive from #FashionVictims is how to wear #SkinnyJeans aka SkinJs.

Shut Up AE Spray On Skinny JeansAmerican Eagle Spray-On Skinny Skinny Jeans.  Thank gawd this was discontinued in 2013. Ew!

And my usual reply is to just TRY THEM ON!  What’s the worst thing that can happen?  You pick the wrong size and have to go up or down to find the perfect fit.  Trust me, there is nothing to be afraid of… well unless this happens!  Oh boy!

Shut Up Skinny Too Tight

Besides size –wink wink, color does matter!  If you’re about to cross over into the fitted side and you’re apple, pear, round or reverse triangle shaped I suggest you start dark and work your way to lighter washes.  You know that saying, “the darker the berry the sweeter the juice”, well that applies to SkinJs.

Shut Up SkinJs7 For All Mankind The Slim Cigarette Jeans $189, Joe’s Straight-Leg Cigarette Jeans $158, Hudson Collin Skinny Jeans $189

Dark rinse jeans (blue hue or black) can mask flaws, anchor a look and create the ILLUSION of a longer leaner leg.  Yep, all that and you didn’t have to hit the gym or go under the knife.

Shut Up SkinJs2

My top THREE Shut Up SkinJ choices are

Shut Up AG Adriano Goldschmied SkinJAG Adriano Goldschmied The Stilt Skinny Jeans $168.  Note: Most AG Jeans start at size 23 and go up to size 32.


Shut Up Paige Skyline Skinny JeansPaige Skyline Skinny Jeans $158.  Note: Most Paige Jeans start at size 23 and go up to size 32.

And and…

Shut Up NYDJ SkinJsNYDJ Sherri Skinny in Premium Lightweight Denim $120. Note: Most NYDJ Jeans start at size 0 and go up to size 18.

As for men, the same fashion rules apply… except too tight isn’t sexy or appealing.  Is it moi or do most guys in skinny jeans look like they have small/non-existent packages?

Shut Up ASOS SkinJASOS: Extreme Super Skinny Jean $56.46, Super Skinny Jean In Dark Wash $39.42, Super Skinny Jean In Dark Blue $37.64

Okay, maybe that’s TMI but next time you see a guy in a pair of SkinJs, take a look, snap a pic and please prove me RIGHT or wrong!

Now Shut Up And try it!

Another Of My Glamtabulous Makeovers

What’s better than one of my glamtabulous makeovers? 

roq1358479631Yes, my fabulous fashionistas thanks to SheKnowsTV, my good friend Candace Cameron Bure aka DJ Tanner, and my fabulosity we now have two less #FashionVictims committing #FauxPas.

Shut Up Felix Meets Stacey

Stacey, a young stay-at-home mother of three, lost her chic somewhere between baby number one and three! 

Shut Up Felix Tells It Like It Is

I knew at first glance the glam girl inside of her drab appearance was screaming to get out. 

Shut Up Felix Encourages Stacey

So I did what I do best… hosed her down with my fierceness and voila!  Bye-bye boring Stacey and hello hot momma!

Head over to the absofab SheKnows.com to watch the rest of Stacey’s mega makeover.  Miss Thang’s “after” is Feeabulous!

Now Shut Up And Watch this!

My First MUST-SEE Makeover of 2014

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where I’ve been, seeing as how my last blog post was in December 2013… well, I’ve been on a strict new years ressy diet of Shut Up Fees Diet

My latest assignment…

Shut Up Fab Fee Action

Wait for it… wait for it… another round of SheKnowsTV transformations with my friend, the absofab Candace Cameron Bure aka DJ Tanner!

Fab Fee and Candace Cameron Bure

Yep, besides playing dress-up with Candace, I took average Cami and turned her into a chic fashionista!  And the best part was… Cami’s new look was a perfect fit for her figure, lifestyle and personality! 

Shut Up Fab Fee Mega MakeoverThis is Cami “Before” I got my fabulously manicured hands on her!

So without further adieu here’s my moment with Cami, click watch and enjoy!

Check out SheKnows.com to watch the rest of Cami’s glamtabulous makeover from snap to twist!  Her “after” is unbelievable!

Now Shut Up And Watch this!


Ok Crocs, YOU Got Me!

I, of all people, never thought I’d see the day a pair of Crocs would grace my fancy feet.

Shut-Up-Fab-Fee31Yes, that’s me trying to shove my foot into a Women’s Crocs Cap Toe Flat, $39.99

Yes, your memory serves you right… I have styled a few TV shoots for Crocs.

Shut Up Crocs2TV Host Sarah Bernard rocking her Crocs styled by Moi!

And yes, I even Instagrammed this pic of a pair of clogs that rocked.

Shut Up Crocs That Rock

But never in a million years did I think I’d find myself in front of the camera raving about the shoe.

Shut Up Fab FeeClick anywhere on the image above to watch my Better TV on Hallmark Channel segment

Fast forward to a recent call my agent received stating the famous brand wanted me, Fab Fee, to take over the streets of New York and stump unsuspecting victims for their next shoot for Better TV on the Hallmark Channel.  #WHAT

Shut Up Crocs 3

I knew Crocs expanded their line with over 300 new styles for men, women and children.  But so focused on my styling work the day of the shoots, I realized I hadn’t switched on my style expert hat and previewed the men’s collection to see if there was something I’d wear myself.  After visiting Crocs.com, much to my surprise I found several pair, one of which I wore the day of my TV shoot.

Shut Up Fab Fee Men’s Crocs Thompson Desert Boot, $74.99

Okay Crocs, you got me!  You had me with the many options, but got me with the comfort factor.  Yep this fashionista took my own advice…

Shut Up Fab Fee2Click anywhere on the image above to watch my Better TV on Hallmark Channel segment

I SHUT UP AND rocked a pair of Crocs… you should to!



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