Tune In Sunday to See ME On TV Guide

TV Guide Network just became so much more interesting.  Why, you ask?  Well, because my chic style, beautiful almond shaped eyes, brutally honest style tips and absolutely fabulous fashion sense will grace the channels airwaves this Sunday night, April 22nd, 2012 at 9p/8c.

Yep, Fashion Police better…

Most of you fashion victims know that I’ve had the pleasure of working with top selling singing trio Wilson Phillips in recent weeks dressing them for their U.S. Tour and new reality show, Still Holding on, which premiered to rave reviews on April 8, 2012.  

And recently I MC’d/hosted their live concert in New York City to a standing room only crowd as they kicked off their new album, Dedicated. 

Well a few months ago I was flown out to Orange County, CA where I met with the lovely ladies at Loehmann’s for a fashion extravaganza like no other.  We had the best time playing dress-up and they walked out with stunning new looks that blew them away.  Hey, a fashion moment with me is PRICELESS!

TV Guide Network has been airing a fierce “Hollywood Minute” commercial several times a day all week with yours truly telling it!.   But you know I couldn’t end this post without giving you a sneak preview of me rocking them OUT.  So here it is for your viewing pleasure!

I hope you’ll SHUT UP AND tune in to watch me do my thang this Sunday night on Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On, on TV Guide Network at 9p/8c.  It’s going to be Feeabulous!

Now SHUT UP AND watch it!

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