Daisy DON’TS!

I get it, you have a booty so you want to flaunt it.  But what is it about wearing shorts so short I can see what you’ve had for breakfast makes you think its okay?

Daisy Dukes aren’t for everyone! You have to have a certain type of butt and body to wear them.  You can’t be a pear shaped with an ass that is full and round like JLo, otherwise one wrong move and someone could end up in a hospital.

And you shouldn’t be a rectangle shaped hot mess like Britney Spears otherwise you’ll be slapped with a SHUT UP AND WEAR IT fashion citation for indecent exposure!

There is nothing right about her look… from head to toe she is a lost cause!

But if you must, you should be an hourglass figure with toned legs and tight abs. Jessica Simpson rocked the house when she strutted her stuff in “The Dukes of Hazzard” back in 2005.  Miss thing was in the best shape of her life.

But that was then… fast-forward to her now…  NO COMMENT!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my full figured sistahs, but wearing something you know may have to be surgically removed isn’t my idea of a good look!

Obviously this woman didn’t get the SHUT UP memo!  Poor thing!

And please, SHUT UP AND get rid of them if you’re sixty years or older.  I know we all want to hang on to our youth but there is something about seeing Grandma, or Grandpa (you never know), in a pair of daisy dukes that turns my stomach.

Sorry Richard Simmons but you made this one too easy.  Yes, to each his own but please my eyes are sensitive to bad fashion as it is.  LOL!!!!

So please before you slip on those Daisy Don’ts, think about what you’re about to do and why you should step in front of the mirror so you CAN SEE WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.  Otherwise you could end up like Carol Ann in Poltergeist.

Now SHUT UP AND step into the light you Daisy Don’t wearer, step into the LIGHT!  LOL!!!



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  1. Miss Cavalieri says:

    Cheers! Very good tip on this blog!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whats up ! Love your ; thanks for sharing it with everyone

  3. Tressa Cronic says:

    Good Think it will be resolved today. It could possibly be a alarming experience. I can not visualize that which you experienced.

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